Welcome to SpinCUBE Inc's dedicated WSCA/NASPO Site

Lenovo (United States), Inc. has authorized SpinCUBE Inc. as a Reseller on their WSCA/NASPO contract, 70263 B27168 for the state of New Jersey. 

Lenovo products can now be purchased directly from SpinCUBE Inc. at Lenovo's contractual pricing as per Lenovo’s WSCA/NASPO Contract B27168 and State Of New Jersey Participating Addendum Contract 70263

SpinCUBE Inc. is dedicated to fulfilling the unique, specialized IT needs of educational institutions (K-12 and higher), state and local governments throughout New Jesrsey.​

SpinCUBE Inc. offers thousands of products from Lenovo and other vendors, a State-wide network of service partners, and teams of certified technical experts. SpinCUBE Inc. can create, build, and support a turn key customized VDI hosted or ON-Premises end-to-end solution and IT systems.

New Jersey's WSCA/NASPO Sales Contact:

Alberto Scalia

(201) 630-8899


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